There’s a new concept called dancerbating that involves dancing and masturbating at the same time! I admire how these girls can pull that off. If any of you reading this have seen my webcam shows, then you know how unncoordinated I can be. I’d fall down as soon as I started cumming!! LOL!

Anyway, luckily for you Lola (from shinydolls) is not as clumsy as I am and she pulls off “dancerbating” quite well. See for yourself in this video clip of her orgasm dance (my God, that girl is skinny!!)…

Click to download full version

Balloon Sluts

The newest shiny fetish site is called Balloon Sluts and features your favorite skinny teen, Lola! Watch her riding this inflatable toy walrus and see how she gets off. This balloonsluts girl is wild!!

See The Balloon Sluts Videos Here!

Shinydolls Lola Dry Humps Inflatable Whale


Does the title of this post kinda sound like a news headline? Now that’s the kind of story I bet would get lots of readers! lol

But, yeah, she does dry hump an inflatable whale and she does it better than anyone else too! When she grinds a shiny plastic toy, you can tell she’s enjoying it. Don’t you wish you were that fella??

Click the pic to go to her video or just use the shinydolls Lola dry humps inflatable whale link. It’s all good. Have fun watching my friend do her thing!

Shiny Spandex Sluts


Meet skinny Lola from the shiny Spandex Sluts site. I know you’ve seen this tight fetish hottie before, but you’ve never seen her in super high definition videos like this!

She and all the rest of the SpandexSluts are now in 1440×1080 HD quality video with no pixel loss in their hi resolution clips. You can now watch everything clear and large and deliciously shiny on your screen! It’s almost like you can touch the models and be right there in the room with them!!

The screenshot here is taken from the Lola Spandex Slut Dance video. That girl is soooo hot! I wonder if she’s bi??? I hope so!

Live Redhead Cams

I have a live feed to all the redhead webcam girls online at the time you view the page, including me, at my site now. It’s pretty cool because you can go directly to my chatroom whenever I am online. You can also view the live redhead cams on that site link because that’s where the feed is coming from. Look for me in the online grid under the name “sleepysquid”. See you there soon!!

Free Amateur Webcam Shows

Hi everyone and welcome to a new year at my blog! I’m also starting the new year at a new cam site as well. The biggest advantage at my new cam home is that I can offer free amateur webcam shows as well as paid shows, so you can get to see me no matter what your budget! Of course I DO more in the premium chat rooms, such as stretch my long, dangling labia lips (the squid!) and squirt and pee and show off my pretty barefeet and sexy shoes…

But my free amateur webcam shows also show off my wild side too, so sign up for a free account and then look me up under the name “sleepysquid” (I’m online 5 days a week). I still use my Elfenbabe account at some other sites, but I was having a lot of problems, so let’s hope that 2009 works out better for all of us. See you there!

Sexy Slow Motion Redheads

Hi Guys! Time to tell you about another great new niche porn site. This one is called Sexy Slow Motion and features cool videos of hot girls shot at high speed to show you the slow mo action! They have a very erotic hi-res quality to them and I’ve posted a photo from their sexy slow motion redheads series here. Oh, and a note to all you foot fetish fans out there…check out the pic in the upper left corner of the set. Redheads AND feet! Do I have your attention now? Happy Holidays!

Boot Crushing Banana

I win, banana loses!! I crush it with my hard red boots and flatten the peel with my big boot heel. I think my hot red boots look sexy, don’t you agree??? They look great on me when I’m walking downtown or looking for some poor guy to kick! lol

Toon Boobies Redhead

The creators of the 3dlovedolls have come up with an outrageous new site called Toon Boobies which features toons with HUGE tits and freaky large boobs for all the virtual breast lovers out there. Now, I’m not talking just double D cups here. This is some seriously weird stuff with gigantic mammaries that no real girl could ever have. Plus, REALLY big nipples too! Check out the big boobs on the girl in the pic! Wouldn’t you like to bury your face in her bosum? She’s also a redhead, which means I like her already…lol!

Here is the link to the specific toon boobies redhead photos. You can enjoy the photos in your fantasy world, but I’m still your favorite girl with large breasts and red hair, right? You better say YES!!

Shiny Dolls

Ok, all you shiny fetish guys (and gals!) out there, there is a new site I have to tell you about called “Shiny Dolls” where members can really interact with the models and give requests for videos and photo sets. How cool is that! Plus there are lots of other bonus features as well.

I’m not going to chatter too much about this, as I’d rather you see for yourself, so without further ado, here is a new shiny dolls photo series featuring the hot model shown above tightly covered in gold. Wow!!

Foot Fetish Marshmallow Peanut Crush

My latest foot fetish crush video features my large open toe shoe heel trampling a bunch of marshmallow peanut candy. It’s a heavy block heel squishing them to flattened candy goodness. If you’re a fan of my feet fetish crushing videos then check this one out!

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3dlovedolls porn video


Click to download full Version

Sometimes the 3dlovedolls will make a porn video, just like real life pornstars! They fuck and suck in cgi animated hotness. This couple here get it on in the virtual world just as much as I would…if I were an anime babe, or something. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this short 3d love doll video clip!

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Mistress Addict Financial Domination

I have a fin domme money slavery portal site up now that ties all my femdom sites together quite nicely. Plus it shows a hot photo of me holding a gun! See for yourself at my Mistress Addict financial domination site and leave me your love and worship my feet too! You KNOW you want to!!

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Foot Fetish Cherry Crush Video

Here’s my latest crush video for all my foot fetish fans! In this one I squish a bunch of cherries with my silver shoe heel and then I trample on a lone cherry and you can hear the squishing sound quite well! If you’re a feet lover video fan, then I hope you enjoy my latest vid. Watch and have fun!

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Domination Fetish Games

I have a new domination games site for all you fetish freaks out there looking for something new. As Mistress Shannon, your redheaded fin domme, I issue challenges at my adult game arcade for sub slaves or anyone else who likes a bit of fun competition.

How it works is that I will issue a challenge for a certain game every few days and, if you beat my high score, you win a reward of a “cum credit” or a grand prize of a webcam show with me for the main contest. Anyone can play in my domination fetish games arcade for free, but you must create a gamer profile if you want to enter the competition. See you there!

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