Foot Fetish Marshmallow Peanut Crush

My latest foot fetish crush video features my large open toe shoe heel trampling a bunch of marshmallow peanut candy. It’s a heavy block heel squishing them to flattened candy goodness. If you’re a fan of my feet fetish crushing videos then check this one out!

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Foot Fetish Cherry Crush Video

Here’s my latest crush video for all my foot fetish fans! In this one I squish a bunch of cherries with my silver shoe heel and then I trample on a lone cherry and you can hear the squishing sound quite well! If you’re a feet lover video fan, then I hope you enjoy my latest vid. Watch and have fun!

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Cute Topless Nadia In Glasses

cute topless nadia with glasses

Everyone knows I love “nerd Porn”, so if you like nerdy looking girls in glasses, this is for you. Let me introduce you to sweet Nadia wearing glasses from the Cute Topless site. This is a great site if you like your girls innocent looking in nude and non-nude poses with just a bit of action thrown in with some pretty interesting situations. These are some sexy teen girls semi naked, topless and sometimes caressing each others tits…and more! There’s even some feet with gummi bear action too! lol

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Mistress Shannon Redheaded Dominatrix

This is my fiery redheaded mistress dominatrix video. I am Mistress Shannon and you are not worthy to kiss my feet! Lick my shoe heel, you little worm! Don’t make me punish you! Redheads who wear glasses have a temper, ya know! Worship me as your domme and tell me how beautiful I am. Yes, that means you!

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Feet Squishing Grapes Crush Video 2

This is my 2nd foot crush video where I squish grapes. Made by request for my foot fetish fans who like to see me trample and stomp on grapes. I trample a large bunch here with my heels and bare feet and squish them all flat! Enjoy!

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Giantess Squish Crushing Bikini Babes

Check out my latest squish crushing foot fetish video! It’s a feet epic adventure and my longest video yet. In this video I made a stage set of a seaside resort and 2 clay bikini girls sun tanning and listening to music. My giantess feet suddenly appears and stomps on the picnic table hard and tramples it to pieces. Then my giantess foot steps on one of the sexy clay bikini girls, squishing her clay head and crushing her whole body.

The blonde bikini girl has no idea what is happening as she lays back in the sun listening to her Ipod. Then she gets her whole body, tits and pussy, fondled by my toes and crushed by my feet. Even her boobs get squished by my big toe! This is a strange, but funny crush video. Just watch what the flattened girls look like! You will probably laugh, or cry at the fate of these girls, so watch this latest squish crushing video with caution…

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Squish Crushing Trampled Eggs Video

Here is my newest squish crushing video of me with some eggs. My barefeet and boots stomp on and scramble 2 eggs and then , after crushing them beneath my bare feet and big laced boots, I squish the egg goo between my toes. A foot lovers eggstatic delight!

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Squishing Grapes Feet Crushing Video

This is me squishing some grapes! I start with just one grape and I almost trample on it with my foot, but no! Then more that I almost stomp on with my feet. Finally, there is a bunch of grapes that I step on with my bare feet and toes. I focus one one little grape at the end of the crushing video which I slowly squish under my big toe! Splat!

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Trampled Doll Bits Squish Crushing Blues

This is my latest squish crushing video where I trample and stomp on a poor little doll. I, the giantess,  step on it with my toes and bare feet. Some might find this a bit strange, but I think it makes an interesting artistic statement. What do you think?

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Amateur Redheaded Girl In Glasses Porn Cam

Hello! It’s me, Shanny! I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be live on webcam doing shows tonight. If you like redheaded girls in glasses then you should check me out! I strip and masturbate on webcam and you can chat to me while watching the whole time. I’m a real amateur girl and I show a mix of sex with my personality. I even fell off my chair while masturbating on cam once! lol

So, if you enjoy a fun live sex show on cam with a sexy redhead who wears glasses, then I’m your girl! Or, I can take the glasses off if you prefer, along with everything else I’m wearing. Or maybe you’d like to see my feet or my foot squish crushing something live on cam for you?

Payment for all live webcam shows is in the form of a donation to me for my school costs. I use the money toward tuition fees and school supplies while I’m at art college. I’m your typical “starving artist” student and I don’t ask for much, just that you donate what you feel is reasonable and then I’ll turn on my cam and hopefully turn YOU on for some hot sexy fun! My fans know how much fun I can be, and maybe you know too! Hmmm, perhaps I should add a fan board on the site…what do you think?

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Sexy Webcam Clara Shoes

Here is a video of webcam girl Clara showing her spiky shoes. She has a great body but I love those heels! I wish I had her heels…grrrr!! lol

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My Squish Crushing Cupcake Video!

Ok, so I know I said I wanted to showcase the videos of other people on here, but I just today uploaded a new video on and couldn’t resist posting it here. It’s my attempt at doing a crushing video, otherwise known as squishing or trampling. I really enjoyed doing it and plan to do more and offer them on my site to anyone who wants them. If you have any requests for any future crush or stomp vid items just email me or leave a comment here. You may have heard a lot of controversy lately about crush videos due to some video from Asia of a women crushing a kitten to death. I want to state for the record that I do not, nor will not ever crush or otherwise harm any kittens or other animals! Thank you for respecting that in advance.

Now, without further ado, here’s me crushing a cupcake! Enjoy! :)

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