Cute Topless Nadia In Glasses

cute topless nadia with glasses

Everyone knows I love “nerd Porn”, so if you like nerdy looking girls in glasses, this is for you. Let me introduce you to sweet Nadia wearing glasses from the Cute Topless site. This is a great site if you like your girls innocent looking in nude and non-nude poses with just a bit of action thrown in with some pretty interesting situations. These are some sexy teen girls semi naked, topless and sometimes caressing each others tits…and more! There’s even some feet with gummi bear action too! lol

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Shiny Teen Lollipop Masturbate

shiny teen video with lollipop

This is a video clip from the shiny movies archives. It features an innocent looking teen in a tight shiny two piece bikini doing things with a lollipop. Just click on the thumbnail pic to go to the video download page or check out my fetish sample site for more pics and vids similar to this!

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Mistress Shannon Redheaded Dominatrix

This is my fiery redheaded mistress dominatrix video. I am Mistress Shannon and you are not worthy to kiss my feet! Lick my shoe heel, you little worm! Don’t make me punish you! Redheads who wear glasses have a temper, ya know! Worship me as your domme and tell me how beautiful I am. Yes, that means you!

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Shiny Porn Teen Redhead


My favorite kind of porn is shiny fetish porn. I love the look and the clothes and the erotic quality of the photography. Shiny fetish photos feature hot girls wearing pvc, latex, lycra, rubber clubwear, catsuits, pantyhose and usually doing things like humping balloons and plastic inflatable whales.

I’ve never done a shiny porn photo series myself, but I’d like to some day. I think wearing those kind of clothes would be fun! Anyway, until I get around to doing my own fetish series, here is a picture of a redhead in shiny panties to show you what I like. The rest of her shiny teen redhead pics are great too!

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Fist Flush Fisting Squirting Videos

I had a lot of requests from my fans and Xtube webcam viewers to squirt on cam, but not every girl can do that on command! I can piss really far and I do pee on cam sometimes (I’m working on a piss video to be out soon!), but it’s not really “squirting” like you see in videos.

I decided to post this video for my fans wanting to see girls who squirt. It’s from a new site called Fist Flush and they have a LOT of hot fisting and squirting videos. Enjoy the video!

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Feet Squishing Grapes Crush Video 2

This is my 2nd foot crush video where I squish grapes. Made by request for my foot fetish fans who like to see me trample and stomp on grapes. I trample a large bunch here with my heels and bare feet and squish them all flat! Enjoy!

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3D LoveDolls 3dlovedolls Video

As Elfenbabe, I create my own fantasy porn art and I also love promoting the erotic fantasy porn of others as well. I put together this video image compilation as a way of showing off my own erotic art, as well as some of the 3DLoveDolls cute teen toon girl porn. Enjoy the video clip and don’t forget to visit my Elfenbabe fantasy site to see more of my own erotic fantasy porn art or the 3D Love Dolls Blog for more 3DLoveDolls teen toons and 3DFuckSluts 3D extreme anime porn.

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My Squish Crushing Cock Video

Here is my latest crush video of me squishing a clay dick. It kind of looks like a cock or dildo, but gets squished to shit once I trample and stomp on it with my flat heeled shoes. Lots of good shots of my bare feet too, and under the foot and soles as well. A foot fetish video for you guys who love to imagine your cock getting stomped on! Enjoy!

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Funny Sexy Workout Video

This is a hilarious video by “screw the gym” on how to stay hot and sexy by doing chores around the house. I bet all you guys would love to see this sexy girl do your housekeeping! Watch this hot video of a babe doing dishes in the kitchen!

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Giantess Squish Crushing Bikini Babes

Check out my latest squish crushing foot fetish video! It’s a feet epic adventure and my longest video yet. In this video I made a stage set of a seaside resort and 2 clay bikini girls sun tanning and listening to music. My giantess feet suddenly appears and stomps on the picnic table hard and tramples it to pieces. Then my giantess foot steps on one of the sexy clay bikini girls, squishing her clay head and crushing her whole body.

The blonde bikini girl has no idea what is happening as she lays back in the sun listening to her Ipod. Then she gets her whole body, tits and pussy, fondled by my toes and crushed by my feet. Even her boobs get squished by my big toe! This is a strange, but funny crush video. Just watch what the flattened girls look like! You will probably laugh, or cry at the fate of these girls, so watch this latest squish crushing video with caution…

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Compliment A Sexy Woman

Sometimes we females like to be complimented by you males out there. It doesn’t have to be a fancy pick up line either! Just say something nice, like how great we look or whatever. Here’s a short video on how to compliment a girl, by a half naked girl. I thought you might like that!

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3Dlovedolls Fantasy Porn Art


Many of you have visited my Elfenbabe fantasy porn art site and seen my fairy sex porn pics, but that’s 2D animated toon sex. Now there are the 3D Love Dolls and these animated sex creatures look realistic to the point where it’s really cool porn. These 3D girls can fuck ANYTHING! Monsters, robots, aliens, man and machine. I have quite a fetish for these cute little 3D honey girls and, as an artist, I’m jealous of how great they look.

They even have 3D Shemales now, just like the hot sexy redhead in this pic. Since I’m bisexual, this appeals to me in many ways, so let’s just call this sample pic as the Atlantic Shanny 3D photo of the day! You can also see more at the official 3DLoveDolls site or the 3D Love Doll Blog as both have great samples too.

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Squish Crushing Trampled Eggs Video

Here is my newest squish crushing video of me with some eggs. My barefeet and boots stomp on and scramble 2 eggs and then , after crushing them beneath my bare feet and big laced boots, I squish the egg goo between my toes. A foot lovers eggstatic delight!

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Animated Bouncing 3D Boobs

I thought this short clip was kind of cute. This will make all the big tit lovers laugh, at least! Some of this 3D rendered porn is just amazingly real. Enjoy a bit of 3D animated fantasy breast jumping!

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Squishing Grapes Feet Crushing Video

This is me squishing some grapes! I start with just one grape and I almost trample on it with my foot, but no! Then more that I almost stomp on with my feet. Finally, there is a bunch of grapes that I step on with my bare feet and toes. I focus one one little grape at the end of the crushing video which I slowly squish under my big toe! Splat!

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